Forma Optima-wall and pavement decoration

Roll over the pattern to make you sure that each pattern has countless varieties.
Forma Optima has been established by graphics designer Markéta Sandanusová. Wall painting is he hobby for already a few years. Beside this, she specialize on webdesign and programming. She graduaded on College od high art school of Václav Hollar in promotional graphics design and interactive graphics. She would like to specialize more on wall painting with this new project.
What´s the system?
  • We revive your area with original pattern and suitable arrangement.
  • Besides offered patterns, we are able to create special pattern according to your wish.
  • We choose most suitable composition of the pattern, which perfectly fits in your interier or exterier.
  • First, we make an appointment with client and discuss his wishes. After we finished approved design, we finally paint it on the wall/pavement.
wall painting
  • We use colors of a big quality  specially made specially for wall painting.
  • The painting is being made with a template cutted on a special maschine.
    pavement painting
    • We use thinner resistant colors of a big quality specially made for concrete painting.
    • Pavement cubes must be made from concrete (not from stone or other nonabsorbent materials).
    • Pavement painting is influenced by weather. Besides neccesity of dryness, it is optimal to paint by temperature above 20°C.
      • Basic offer includes price of acrylic paint colors and other material. When the surface requires different type of color, the price may change according the selected color type.
      • Basic offer expects clean, non-greasy surface. If this condition is not provided, the price will be increased according to the labor intensiveness.
      • There is no 100% guarantee of paint quality with bad light conditions.
      • In the case of other unforeseen circumstances make it difficult to perform the work, the price may increase.
      • For orders outside Prague the transport costs are charged separately.
      • The client is obliged to make their premises accessible at the agreed time and allow the execution of work.
      • Payment conditions: Deposit 50% of the contract price when ordering before actual implementation. After completing the painting, to pay the rest of the price based on an invoice due in 14 days.